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    Cuppy Cake Song - Strawberry Shortcake  


    DESIGNER:  absolutjoyce

    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    my fur is getting longer each day!

    menses is over n i yearn to go out..

    with jiejie..

    can she bring me out one day?

    mayb to Pet cafe or Sentosa.. i don mind..

    n seriously, i need a grooming session real soon.. perhaps this tues?

    its been a long long time since i last njoy myself..

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    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    Current Mood- Moody

    Princess Chew ish having menses.. s0bs

    today is e 1st day of menses.. jiejie suppose to bring me go out walk.. but with e strawberry sauce on me, i cant go out.. mayb for 1 month.. =(

    i don like PMS.. =( its nt nice..

    i gona wait till everything is over , then i can go out..

    n tis time round, i m nt wearing any pampers.. hee

    i miss goin out!

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    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    tell me Im a cute baby!

    im bloggin n jiejie capture my pic ! *shy*

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    me after grooming this afternoon.. at Gen's pet stylist ,Holland v ! haha..

    im so clean once again!

    n smelling nice too.. =p

    jiejie juz love the smell from me after bathing , nono after grooming rather!

    n my fur is gettin longer each day...

    oh no.. its hassle !

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    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    jiejie is buying me a Les Pooch Brush.. costs $70 plus??

    omg.. dats so x.. n dat brush is for dematting my fur~

    coat is gettin long each day n i need dematting daily..

    tues will b gg for grooming.. its my bathing n grooming time once again..

    night ppl.. im having lazy bugs all over me..

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    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Im on e road of recovery..!

    isit a good news?

    i juz wana go out gaigai soon..!


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    Sunday, May 11, 2008

    sorry for my gloomy face!

    its been sometime since i last update my blog..

    hw r u ppl?

    met with some injury yesterday night..

    i actually fall dwn frm sofa.. sobs..n im nw limping..sadsad..

    but nevertheless, im one strong ger.. jiejie came hm n brought me to Mt pleasant clinic.. jiejie n her frenz cabbed dwn with me..consult Dr Tay and gib me some painkiller.. jiejie was so panic... she dono wad to do when daddy called her up.. i neo jiejie n everyone else cares a lot for me..

    Puibabe came over n looked for me too late at night.. but i was so tired.. eyes were close.. cant play with him ..nt my usual self at all.. jiejie knew it all..

    n last nyte, i slept with jiejie.. its been sometime since i last zzz with her.. she was so nice to let me have e bed..n on air con for me too.. sweet ya?

    but in e mornin, daddy came n bring me dwn.. i hardly can walk today. . been limping..sobs.. n i only pee once.. my leg juz hurts.. but luckily its a sprain only..

    guess no more jumpin ard for me..

    in e afternoon, gt a cake delivery frm giraffe.. he baked for me one cake.. my barkday cake..yet to taste it ,no appetite for nw.. but i must say a big thank you to him.. bake e cake for me..

    had been sleeping ard the house.. no walking or even gg out to play with yuki..

    been a gd ger.. n guess wad tml is my barkday alrdy..

    homebound for a week.. sobs..

    but definately , im lucky enuff to have so many nice ppl to care for me..

    i feel so blessed.. juz hope dat my right leg get well soon! i wana b bck e lively me..

    less den one hr will be my bday!

    Happy bDay to myself ,PRINCESS CHEW..

    one year old soon.. omg so fast n no big celebration for me this year too!
    but nvm i will njoy myself at home wiht the company of the Chew's family..!

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